CP3: Chicago Public and Private Partnership

Chicago’s Public and Private Partnership (CP3) initiative is a result of the City of Chicago’s desire to strengthen its partnership with its private sector.  After listening to your needs, the CP3 consortium of city agencies developed this portal to centralize how information is gathered and disseminated.  This portal serves as a single site to submit information for the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, the Chicago Fire Department, the Chicago Department of Public Health and the Chicago Police Department.

Provided information will assist First Responders in addressing an incident and will assist emergency management executives in the development of citywide response plans.  Through the use of this portal, information can be updated and submitted in a timely fashion providing instantaneous access to those who need the information.

In addition, as a CP3 partner, you will have access to an array of documents providing an additional resource regarding security measures and emergency planning.   All users are also included in the CP3 Mass Alert System which will provide timely situational awareness and briefs on subject matters specific to your area of interest and responsibility.

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